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An Evolution Across Industries

Blockchain is transforming entire industries with its technology which is more efficient, cost effective and secure.


Companies have surged through the increasing demand of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, either gaining traction by entering new industries or reaping the rewards by adapting their business with blockchain technology.

Main Industries Taken Into Consideration


Companies which either facilitating trading or using crypto currencies or companies holding large amounts of cryptos on their balance sheet.

Crypto Miners

Major companies mining crypto currencies, be it BTC, ETH or any other.


Companies producing computer chips which are used for the servers of crypto mining facilities.

Blockchain for Business

Firms that have used blockchain as a tool to improve their main activity or as support for their already existing product or service.

Key Number

Spent on blockchain technologies in 2021

+80% CAGR

Estimated blockchain market growth for coming decade


Of Fortune 500 have blockchain project plans

Why Invest?

Blockchain technology is a disruptor leading innovation which provides business solutions for traditional industries.

With an increasing adoption the companies using it have opportunity to improve their operations by being more efficient and secure.


Investment Rationale in BLOCKCHAIN


The technology provided by blockchain is innovating and securing companies' operations

High Growth

The portfolio offers a relatively high return considering the low volatility it has.


As the portfolio counts on different industries, the correlation amongst the stocks is reduced


A scoring system to rate stocks in the portfolio is developed by industry experts

Why with us?

EVOO provides the opportunity to enter the blockchain space by investing in a diversifies portfolio of stocks involved directly or indirectly in this innovative technology. Having been involved in this technology for the biggest part of its existence, we are confident to identify the right investments and capitalize on them for our investors.

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