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An Evolution Across Industries

Blockchain is transforming entire industries with its cost effective and efficient technology.

The demand for blockchain and cryptographic solution has surged in recent years, with companies seeing the enormous potential of the technology, either through a higher efficiency or even sometimes by transforming the value chain altogether.

Main Industries Taken Into Consideration

Transactional Services

Companies that either facilitate transactions, sometimes using cryptocurrencies, or companies holding large amounts of digital coins on their balance sheet.

Crypto Miners

Major companies mining one or more crypto currencies, be it BTC, ETH, or any other.


Companies producing computer chips, which are often used by companies offering blockchain solutions.

Blockchain for Business

Firms that have used blockchain as a tool to improve their main activity or as a support for their already existing products or services.

Key Number

Spent on blockchain technologies in 2021

+80% CAGR

Estimated blockchain market growth for coming decade


Of Fortune 500 have blockchain project plans

Why Invest?

Blockchain technology is a disruptive innovation which provides business solutions for a vast scope of industries. Additionally, our investment strategy makes sure that we are decorrelated from cryptocurrencies and mostly exposed to technology progresses, which are growing as well, but much less volatile.

Investment Rationale in BLOCKCHAIN


The technology provided by blockchain is revolutionising a good number of processes and operations

High Growth

The portfolio offers a relatively high return in regard to its low volatility


As the portfolio relies on different industries, the correlation amongst the stocks is greatly reduced


Our industry experts have the background to offer a qualitative review, adding an extra layer to our data-driven models

Why with us?

EVOO provides the opportunity to enter the blockchain space by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks involved directly or indirectly in this innovative technology. Having been involved in this technology for the biggest part of our existence, we are confident to identify the right investments and capitalise on them for our investors.

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