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The World is Evolving Toward Cloud

Long gone are the days where every computing services needed to be hosted locally. Today, traditional businesses mostly operate using subscription-based models. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service are now dominating the market and keep growing. From data hosting and maintenance to its manipulation, Cloud Computing company have become a key support for all businesses.

Type of Cloud Computing Services


Delivering software services on a subscription basis


Providing a platform to create software applications


Providing virtualized computing resources over the internet

Data Centers

Owning and managing facilities to safely store and retrieve data

Key Number
$371.4 Bn

Cloud Computing Market Size


Median gross margin for public SaaS companies in 2020


Of companies are migrating to cloud to improve the speed of IT service delivery


Expected CAGR of Cloud Market to 2025

Why Invest?

Cloud computing sector has truly taken off, and SaaS especially. In constant evolution, this sector is attracting more and more companies

Investment Rational in Cloud Computing

Exposure to...

Technology & Innovation

Exposure to today’s most innovative companies in the sectors of big data and cloud computing in one financial product.

High Growth

Opportunity to acquire high potential stocks with annual growth of over 20%

Along with...

Diversified and highly specialised stock picking

Most of our chosen stocks were initially not in large ETFs and indices, before their spectacular growth propelled them into mainstream product. We keep looking for innovative players across different industries that will be the disruptors of tomorrow.

Innovative Algorithms for Assets Allocation

Our data driven and algorithmic approach brings us today’s edge cutting tools to make the best investment decisions. Nevertheless, every change is reviewed by our team before it is turned into a trading order.

Why with us?

Cloud computing has become an integral part of the software and IT industry worldwide. EVOO offers exposure to the cloud industry by investing in companies whose core business is cloud software and service.


We focus on companies that generate their sales primarily from the cloud business, recorded continuous sales in this area and meet key metrics defined for continuous sales growth.

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