About us

Innovate to Evolve

Evoo brings an innovative approach to investment by focusing on thematic Actively Managed Certificates Through our Cloud Computing AMC, we invest in high growth tech companies which are bound, thanks to their fast paced innovation, to emerge as future leaders in the technological landscape.

Why Invest with us

Expertise in the private sector

EVOO profits from Lian Group strong expertise in the private market, specializing in direct investments in the technology sector.

Millenial investment team

Generation Y - Millennials who have been surrounded by technology and understands its evolution. The selected companies shop hypergrowth, we do not focus on traditional valuation methods, which are not applicable in the Cloud Industry.

Data driven approach

We apply a data driven investment approach; we scrap fundamental metrics and data of the different companies through our algorithm. Data that is not even necessarily accessible on Bloomberg. We thoroughly analyze and evaluate the critical metrics specific to Cloud Computing.

A well-established experience

EVOO has been monitoring those companies even before they were publicly traded. Some companies were not even public a few years ago, although Lian Group had invested in them while private. Given our erpertise in the private sector, we are well positioned to understand the environment in which the companies evolve.

Our team

The Executive

Nessim-Sariel Gaon

Managing Partner

Fiorenzo Manganiello

Managing Partner

The investment

Stéphane Muller

Operation Manager

Erenik Yzeiraj

Investment Manager

The sales

Pierre-Emmanunel Besnard

Head of Institutional Sales

David Wigger

Head of Business Development

The research

Javier Olias

Head of Quantitative Research