Strategy & Approach

The best qualitative picks, backed with numbers

We methodically select our investable universes and meticulously build, test and deploy algorithmic models to assist us in our decisions. We thus mix the power of data analysis and machine learning with our technology expertise


The EVOO Team believes in a world driven by innovation and data. Our product aim to offer our clients the best exposure to companies shaping the next technological revolution.

Data Driven Decisions Dashboard

We want our investors to understand our decision-making process. This is why we offer an interactive dashboard for clients to track the status of their investment and compare it to sectorial benchmarks. The dashboard includes:

  • An easy access to the data used by our investment team.
  • Portfolio analysis, graphs and charts.
  • An overview of the basket allocation by industries, market capitalisations and countries.

Our Investment Process

Top Down Approach

Bottom Up

Top Down Approach


Identify the global universe and define investment opportunities

Macro Assessment

Focus on macroeconomic factors, such as industry environment and cycle

Deeper identification

Identify disruptive technologies and innovation in the specified market

Refine Opportunities

Deeper research and due diligence in the identified disruptive technologies

Seize Opportunities

Evaluation and selection of top opportunities

Bottom Up


Filter opportunities and focus on their impact on our portfolio


Selection of companies based on key chosen metrics


Focus on business by business, sector by sector fundamentals

Deep Understanding

Understand companies’ fundamentals and growth drivers

Risk and Portfolio Management

Measure market volatility to keep global portfolio volatility in check

We combine Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches to have a complete and educated view on market opportunities

A highly selective process starting from the chosen initial universe:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Steps 1

Initial universe focused on technology

Standard market screening to identify high growth technology companies

2'200 stocks

Approximately 2'200 stocks

Steps 2

Comprehensive Stock Selection

Filter selection on the desired universe

150 stocks

Approximately 150 stocks

Steps 3

Data-based selection

Machine learning selection based on datapoints such as earnings results, guidance, earnings call. Threshold based on the level of growth, margin, and profitability trends

80 stocks

Approximately 80 stocks

Steps 4

Allocation through algorithmic grading based on fundamentals

A tailor made scoring system based on key fundamentals allows us to determine the optimal allocation of every stock in the basket

50 stocks

Approximately 50 stocks

Steps 5

Final Basket Evoo Cloud Computing

Sweet spot selection of stocks where performance and volatility are optimised

15 to 34 stocks

15 to 34 stocks

Risk Assessment

Maximum Allocation

Our model continuously tracks every stock in our basket and allocates a maximum share per stock, depending on the product. If a stock reaches the threshold the position is trimmed, and the available allocation redistributed.

Ongoing Monitoring

We monitor algorithmically our universe with internal-coded scripts to capture any change in a company’s fundamentals which should lead to reducing or exiting a position. Every trade is approved and manually entered by our portfolio management team. Algorithms help us take our decisions, but we have the last word.

Risk Thesis

We leverage our macroeconomic analysis to monitor external risks such as: Technology Adoption, Competition, Regulatory, Environmental and Social changes.

Monthly Report & Web Access

Our investors receive monthly reports on the portfolio. Our Web interface also allows them to track a wide range of financial information and risk parameters of the AMC.