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Digital Assets


A New Chapter in the History of Finance

We are witnessing of one the biggest transformation in the history of finance since the advent of the internet.

Traditional finance practices are outdated and unreliable. Digital Assets are bringing a new and global approach which will multiply business opportunities. Institutions and individuals from any corner of the globe can now participate in a globalised financial system in a fair and transparent way.

Finance Reinvented

Smart Contracts

Automated execution of orders when conditions are met, based on contracts coded on the blockchain

Decentralized Finance

DeFi removes the control from banks and financial institutions and leaves it in the hand of secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies


Digital currency pegged to an underlying asset, such as fiat currencies or gold

Key Number

Of people use Peer-to-Peer payment apps


Of executives say blockchain will make the financial system more secure


Expected market size CAGR of the Global Digital Asset Management until 2027

Why Digital assets?

Global adoption has taken off

Major events led to mass scale adoption from big corporates and institutions. This consolidates the importance of this new type of asset class in our financial system. Digital Assets are here to stay, and the market has become more mature over the years.

Digital wallets and cold storage ensure safety and prevent theft and they are almost impossible to hack without their key. Contrary to popular beliefs, most crypto exchanges enforce KYC regulations to ensure the funds have a clean origin.


Digital Assets permit more complex possibilities compared to traditional assets


Blockchain technology is being developed and adopted for vast use cases, not just monetary


Digital assets are available to anyone with an internet connection, offering democratised access to the world of finance


Trustless, automated and transparent system.

Why with us?

EVOO offers a monitored and controlled exposure to the rapidly evolving Digital Asset industry. We leverage our continuous and long-lasting involvement in the space to pick assets with the most potential, old or new.

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